Preschool Classes

Ready Set Grow Preschool

Ready Set Grow is a 9 month/30 week preschool experience for children aged 3 - 5 years, offering opportunities for your child's development to unfold. Classes are taught by Minnesota State Licensed Teachers with an assistant in each classroom.  Teachers plan activities based on the Creative Curriculum, Second Step Social/Emotional Curriculum, and Hand Writing Without Tears.  Children participate in authentic assessment opportunities using Teaching Strategies Gold.  This core curriculum prepares students in their transition to Kindergarten at the Buffalo Hanover Montrose Schools.  RSG Preschool classes are integrated and serve children of all abilities.  We believe that "parents are the child's first and most important teachers" and therefore, Parent Involvement is required in our unique program.

A Typical Daily Schedule:

Welcome Circle

Small Group Activities

Large Motor Activites/ Outdoor Time

Free Choice

Snack Time

Closing Circle Time

Interest Areas:  art, blocks and manipulatives, dramatic play, music, nature walks, sensory experiences, and science activities and experiences:  designed and supported by teaching teams.

Look for preschool class options or call for openings at 763.682.8780.



4 Star Rating by MN Parent Aware!

Ready Set Grow Preschool is a 4 Star Rated Program by Minnesota Parent Aware (MDE and MDH).   We participate in continuous quality training supporting our highly qualifed staff. We focus on early learning standards through the use of state aligned curriculm and assestment. Our program excels in the use of the best practices to prepare our youngest learners for Kindergarten. This is just one of the reasons to choose BHM Preschool programs.


Thursday Jan 24, 19

2018-2019 Ready Set Grow & Spring Into Preschool REGISTRATION

Looking for a preschool?  Look no further!  Begin your child's educational journey with exciting learning adventures, skill building, and age appropriate academic experiences in ECFE's 4 Star Rated Preschool classes for your 2 1/2 to 5 year old preschooler!  Registration opens January 28 at 8 am!