Youth Enrichment

Youth Enrichment

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Youth Enrichment provides a variety of classes for youth of all ages.  Programming includes opportunities in Music, Art, Science & Technologuy, Performing Arts and many other areas as well.  Classes are scheduled after school, some evenings and weekends, and throughout the summer.  Our summer youth program is called Summer SunBlock.

We are proud to offer positive experiences in a safe environment where youth can experience new subjects, build relationships, pursue their passions, and develop their talents.  If you have specific questions, or would like to teach a youth enrichment class, contact Lori Trogstad, Youth Enrichment Coordinator, at 763.682.8787 or

Encore Music Lessons

Music lessons for ages 6+.  Whether you are a new musician just starting out or an experienced musician looking for improvement, the Encore Music Program has a place for you!  Private lessons are offered by qualified instructors throughout the year.  Lessons are offered in Piano at this time. Learn more about the Encore Music Program or check availability, contact Community Education 763.682.8770.


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