Red Cross Learn to Swim Program

Swimming Lessons
Red Cross Swimming Lessons are offered year-round through Community Education!

Register Now for Youth Swim Lessons or call Community Education 763.682.8770.  If you have specific questions about aquatic education, contact Sheila Johnson, Aquatic Coordinator, at 763.682.8752.

Parent and Child Aquatics

(Ages 6 months to about 3 years)
Parents and children learn together to increase a child's comfort level in the water and build a foundation of basic skills such as arm and leg movements and breath control. Two levels are fun-filled and introduce water safety, Parent Child 1 and Parent Child 2 are offered throughout the year.

Parent Child 1

Provides experiences and activities for children to change body position in the water, learn how to play safely, experience wearing a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket, plus age-appropriate water safety topics.

Parent Child 2

Builds upon the skills learned in Level 1 by establishing expectation for adult supervision, learning to enter and exit the water in a safe manner, and exploring submerging in a rhythmic pattern.

Preschool Aquatics

(about 4-5 years old)
Preschool-age children are taught basic aquatic safety, survival and swimming skills, while increasing their comfort level in and around the water.

Learn to Swim Program

American Red Cross Learn to Swim program offers six comprehensive levels to teach students how to swim skillfully and safely.  The pre-requisite for each level is the successful demonstration of skills from the preceding level.  Note: The shallow end of our pool is 42" deep. Therefore, children must be 48" in height and at least 6 years old to participate in levels 1-6.  Children under 48" in height should enroll in the Preschool program. Each of the Learn to Swim classes include basic water safety and helping a swimmer in distress.